10 Super Business Ideas to Start with low investment

10 Super Business Ideas to Start with low investment

Do you have a plan to start business ? Here are 10 business ideas you can start with low investment.

Advertising agency

You can start an advertising agency for just Rs 1 lakh. The hardest job in this business is to find clients. If you succeed in this you will get opportunities from corporate companies.


Bakery business can be done anywhere in world. Depending on the quality of the food, the sales will increase .

Book Shop + Cafe

The book shop, along with the cafe, Is an excellent business. It can be started at a low cost. But the project is more likely to be in metro cities. But it can also be tried in smaller cities.

Event Management

You can make a good profit by organizing weddings and other celebrations. If a program is successful, more programs will come to you. It is also a business where you can use your skills and creativity.

Fitness Instructor

Many people  depend on gyms and fitness centers. So fitness training is a great business.

Interior Designing

This is a business idea that can only be started by those who are interested in designing. Creativity is as important to this business as it is to event management. If your project is a success, you will get more projects. It is a business that can make a good income.

Ice cream parlor

Ice cream is never less demanding. So you can start your own ice cream parlor business. This business need little investment. If you arrange products and seating on a special theme basis, people will come to you looking for your ice cream parlor.

Dry cleaning center

Washing and drying clothes is a great business idea. But the initial cost is a bit higher. It costs to buy washing machines and more. Yet it is a profitable business in cities.


Pre-schools can be started in a safe and neat little place with minimal investment. Housewives can start at home. cost required is to buy toys and learning equipment for children.

Tuition center

There is no cost to start up tuition centers. This business requires only educational qualifications and the ability to teach.

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