Diabetic patient food, routines and exercise

Diabetes exercise

Diabetes is the most frequent cause of lifestyle diseases. Studies show that about six per cent of India's total population has diabetes. Kerala has the largest number of patients. One in five adults is diagnosed with diabetes. For many people think that diabetes is the end of life. Diabetes can be controlled only by lifestyle changes and dietary restrictions.

When a diabetic patient is at home, the family's overall lifestyle may have to change at some point. Because if one person in the household has the disease, the rest are more likely to get it.

There are two types of diabetes, Type One and Type Two. Type 1 diabetes is inherited. The main cause of this is the destruction of the insulin-producing beta cell in the pancreas. It is caused by genetics. Type 2 diabetes, on the other hand, is caused by lifestyle changes. Most of the people with diabetes are Type Two. Lifestyle and food do not affect the inherited type 1 diabetes.

Food and rice

The most commonly seen food habits. This tradition is still traditionally followed by the Malayalees. This rice, which is consumed in large quantities, becomes glucose in stomach. It goes into the blood and increases the blood sugar level. Beta cells in the pancreas produce insulin to control blood sugar levels

These actions are repeated when there are more spills. When beta cells are over functioning, insulin production is reduced, leading to diabetes. Similarly, eating too much rice can lead to obesity. Rice is digested and converted into glucose. This glucose is normally used for the body's energy needs. But because of the lack of energy expenditure in today's living conditions, glucose is stored as fat in the body. It can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Things to note

Eat rice  only once in a day. Eat fewer curries than rice. Eat more vegetables leaf and vegetables.

Food for diabetics

Breakfast is one that is usually avoided by those who have a busy lifestyle. Diabetics should not do this under any circumstances. In a recent study, German researchers found that those who did eat breakfast on time had a lower risk of developing Type 2 diabetes.

People with type-2 diabetes have a lot in common with what to eat and what not to eat. Avoid foods that increase blood sugar levels.

An important aspect of treating type-2 diabetes is controlling blood sugar levels. Eating a low-carbohydrate, high-protein, and high-fat diet helps control blood sugar levels in diabetics. Low carbohydrate diets help regulate the amount of fat in the liver and help in the metabolism of fats. A study of type-2 diabetic patients found that a low starch, high-protein, and moderate-fat diet improved the ability to control blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.

Protein-rich foods such as legumes, eggs, meat, nuts, milk and dairy products are all high in protein. Avoid foods that are rich in maida and fried in oil.

Diet, lifestyle, and exercise should be considered along with medication prescribed by your doctor to control type-2 diabetes.

Diabetes and exercise

Another important part of diet is to set aside time for exercise. Exercise has many benefits. The role of various exercises in refreshing the body and mind and improving overall health.

A person with diabetes needs to follow is a long exercise routine. These exercises should be done every day and in any place. Practicing morning and evening walking and running is something that anyone can do anywhere. Engaging in any sport with partners is good for the health of people with diabetes. Badminton, tennis, basketball, swimming, cycling and dancing are some of the best forms of exercise. Exercise charts can be prepared for one week and one month for each sport.

If you are diagnosed with diabetes, do not start off with too much exercise on the first day. Exercise for 20 to 30 minutes initially, according to your doctor's advice. Slowly stretch for 60 to 90 minutes. If you experience fatigue while exercising on a regular basis, you can stop and rest for a while. Drink plenty of water.

Leaving aside inherited diabetes, diabetes is the most widespread disease in our lifestyle. Type 2 diabetes is seen in children even in Kerala due to the lifestyle, civilized lifestyle and lack of physical activity. Diabetes can be controlled by anyone who follows a restrictive diet, proper exercise regimes and regular lifestyle.

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